Action-themed casino games

The recent slew of action-movies, currently seemingly dominated by superhero franchises from the likes of Marvel and DC Comics has crossed over from the silver screen to the gaming screen. Almost every superhero movie now has its gaming version created for consoles and PC. There is a great deal of variation in the success of this endeavour with some great superhero games coming on the back of recent movies and some really terrible ones. It is probably fair to say that most are somewhere in the middle, but then, that is fair to say with any genre in gaming, or movies, or anything else for that matter. And nowadays there is a third section to the chain which has traditionally linked action movies with gaming, with casino games in the UK regularly being developed based on movie and gaming franchises.

The biggest casino software development companies now have established tie-ups with the big movie and gaming franchise companies, a relationship that seems to work well for both parties. Playtech has teamed up with Marvel and there are quite a number of themed slot games based on the comic book/movie superheroes in the Marvel stable. The Fantastic 4, X-Men, The Hulk and Iron Man are the most notable movies to be born out of the original Marvel comic books in recent years which have become online video slot games for online casinos.

In the other camp DC Comics heroes such as Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman have also been made into slot games by Cryptologic. In fact, some in the industry have gone so far as to say that if it were not for managing to seal that particular franchise deal the company, which used to be one of the bigger casino software companies but has fallen into decline in recent years, would no longer be with us.

The success of superhero slots is natural. Firstly it can be demonstrated across many industries that clients are more likely to trust the quality of something if it is familiar. With the greatest respect casino software companies do not have their own strong brands and even regular online casino players, though they may recognise some of the names, probably pay little attention. This is to a large extent even part of their business model as their games are on many casinos and it is the casino brands which are marketed, not those of the software developers. So attaching a well-known franchise brings the trust which is crucial to gambling service providers. And superheroes, which originate in comic books as animated characters lend themselves perfectly to being recreated as games.